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Alexa Tyszka

Ph.D. student, Ecology & Evolution
University of Illinois at Chicago
Walker Lab

about me

I am broadly interested in plant evolution and phylogenetics, specifically within Caryophyllales and carnivorous plants within many separate groups. In my work I optimize analyses of large-scale genetic data with tools in and python .

in the news

current projects

  • I am working on a manuscript describing the taxonomy of Cactus Virus X, which was incidentally found on Schlumbergera samples isolated during an Igić lab project.
  • I am also working to sequence carnivorous plants within Dioncophyllaceae with the intent of producing detailed transcriptomes and species/gene tree analysis.

at uic

Mailing address:
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Biological Sciences
840 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60607